Talk about drafting a professional and compliant real estate contract or contesting a mighty Personal Injury case in Florida, Your Advocates is often the go-to legal firm in the State. But what is it that has helped the law firm to earn the trust of the State? Well, here goes a brief on the reputed law firm for a better understanding of the high stature of Your Advocates.

Based in Fort Myers, Your Advocates is a renowned legal firm, founded by 4 leading lawyers- William M. Powell, Rita M. Jackman, Adam J. Stevens, and Richard M. Ricciardi, Jr. Backed by 70-years of comprehensive legal experience, the firm caters to 4 major areas – Estate Planning, Real Estate, Personal Injury, and Worker’s Compensation.

Given its extensive experience in Southwest Florida‘s unique demographics, the Estate Attorney firm holds a specialized expertise in representing the Florida residents. Over the years, the company has helped several people to attain justice and receive their rightful compensation through powerful trial and representation.

Though Your Advocates primarily works with clients in Florida but is flexible to cater to anyone around the globally.

Services offered

The family law, PI, and Real Estate Attorney firm focuses on 7 practice areas. Here is a brief on all the practice areas covered by the firm.

Real Estate

Your Advocates is a leading full-service real estate legal firm. The company represents clients in all matters related to realty litigations, ranging from boundary disputes to foreclosures to title issues, and more. So, if you are a landlord who is looking for a reliable landlord attorney to help you save your property from unruly tenants, count on Your Advocates. On the other hand, if you are a tenant facing unlawful eviction by your landlord and need legal aid, Your Advocates will represent you before the court of law.

Estate Planning and Probate

Your Advocates is undoubtedly one of the most trusted names when it comes to estate planning or probate-related matters in Florida. The probate attorney firm specializes in all matters relating to probate or estate administration, ranging from wills to trusts, and so on. So, whether a Florida resident needs experienced legal help with a will contest or trust contest, Your Advocates will be a bankable trust attorney firm.

Personal Injury

Your Advocates is one of the most sought-after legal firms when it comes to fighting PI cases in Florida. If a person has suffered from an injury or damage caused by the unmindful negligence of someone else, the firm extends help in recovering the damages. The company has been handling PI cases for years with success and hence is acquainted with the most strategic trial procedure before the court of law. The firm attends all kinds of PI cases, ranging from injury in another person’s property, slip & fall accident at someone else’s premise, damage incurred by the attack of someone’s pet, medical condition caused by car accident, and so on. In one of the recent PI litigation cases, Your Advocates helped victim of a truck accident, receive a $5,00,000 settlement.

Worker’s Compensation

Your Advocates represents workers who have been a victim of on-the-job accidents. The renowned legal firm has helped several workers to receive the rightful compensation and financial help needed for recovery through a mighty representation. Your Advocates deal with all kinds on-the-job-accidents, such as machinery accidents, auto accidents, repetitive strains, slip & fall, and others.

Family Law

Your Advocates are proficient in every aspect of family law in Florida. From divorce cases to domestic violence issues to battles for child custody, the firm holds experience in handling all major types of family law lawsuits with success.


Your Advocates hold years of experience in representing and attaining justice for innocent people who have been victims of medical malpractice. From gathering evidence for the case to presenting a strong representation before the court on behalf of the client- the firm helps clients at every step. Your Advocates are committed to obtain the most deserving compensation for the clients. In a recent case of medical malpractice, Your Advocates helped a 9-year-old little girl, who is suffering from brain damage due to medical malpractice, attain a structured settlement worth $53,000,000.

Best features of Your Advocates

Here is a list of pointers that prove why you will always choose Your Advocates as your go-to Probate Attorney or the most bankable legal firm for real estate, PI, or malpractice cases.

� One-on-One attention

Unlike regular legal firms, Your Advocates does not represent clients with a generic approach. Rather, the firm takes a customized approach for each client since each case comes with its unique needs and complexities. The firm maintains consistent communication with each client, right from the initial consultation till the closing stage to ensure most comprehensive support. Such a personalized approach enables the firm to land up with a tailored representation that’s best to address the goals and needs of every client.

� Dedicated client-centric approach

A major factor that keeps Your Advocates ahead of the curve is its 100% client-centric approach. The firm never treats clients as numbers- rather considers them as part of the entire Your Advocates family. Regardless of the size of the case, the firm assures customized attention to each client and case. If you are looking for a dedicated Personal Representative that will represent your case as his/her own, Your Advocates is the firm for you.

� 24/7 availability

Your Advocates understand the emotional turmoil of fighting litigation and the urgency of injury matters. Thus, the company is available round-the-clock so that the clients know they have their attorney by their side whenever they need him/her- even at the odd hours. This is certainly another aspect that proves the firm’s unadulterated commitment to its clients.

� 70+ years of comprehensive legal experience

Your Advocates have been providing clients with knowledgeable and trustworthy legal counsel and representation for diverse legal matters for more than 7 decades. Decades of experience has rendered the firm with unrivaled legal expertise.

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