Cryptocurrency value evaluation system and asset insurance will be launched

According to NPA official information,Dr. Maneesh Agrawala and Vitalik Buterin jointly put forward a new proposal to evaluate the value system of different digital assets.Insurance trust services can be provided for different digital assets. This proposal proposes a pre-evaluation digital currency algorithm (PDCA).Used to evaluate any digital assets and provide relevant guarantee insurance business. PDCA […]

Euro-Asia Economic Forum opens in Xi’an

The 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum kicked off on Oct 18 in the city of Xi’an – capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi province – and is scheduled to run to Oct 20. The 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum kicks off in Xi’an on Oct 18. [Photo provided to] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the forum is […]

“Sunrise East Statue” made by Wang Xiliang and Zhang Songmao Who Are the Leaders of Chinese Ceramic Industry Sparkles the World

The magical Chinese porcelain The great surprise dedicated to the global art. “Sunrise East Statue” made by Wang Xiliang and Zhang Songmao Who Are the Leaders of Chinese Ceramic Industry Sparkles at the “Crossroads” of the World Recently, Chinese ceramic art Mountain Tai Wang Xiliang and Big Dipper Zhang Songmao cooperated to create “Splendid China, […]

PLUG Chain’s First Step on Global Adoption

Hong Kong, China—Plug Chain is an efficient public chain dedicated to resolving information and data interactions and now Plug Chain starts its step on global adoption. Via the cross-chain technology, Plug Chain does not only enable secure, seamless, and effective communication between the real world and blockchain, but also communicates with HECO, BSC, and POLKADOT […]

The Entrance of the Metaverse: IUT Makes the Future Imaginative

Increased 5G construction has seen the historic moment when the network bandwidth speed exceeded that of the local storage media reading and writing in science and technology. The cloud computing-based NFT game scene has shown the first application scene of great value in the 5G era, with low latency, high resolution, terminal crossing and cloud-network […]

Binance’s Malta,Hoo’s Dubai

October 17-20,” Future Blockchain Summit 2021” will be held in Dubai World Trade Center. The world’s top blockchain companies including IBM, Google, Binance, etc. will gather here to showcase the world’s most innovative blockchain achievements. As the gold sponsor of this conference, Hoo Global will also make a high-profile debut at the conference, and officially start a global layout with […]

Ninja Raiders League Draws Closer To Completion

N.Fans’ first and upcoming game, currently titled ‘Ninja Raiders League’, nears its completion as it undergoes a second round of beta testing. The game was announced in mid-to-late September and has since then seen two separate closed-beta sessions with over 1,300 combined participants. The second one, which started on October the 10th, was planned to […]